In addition to songwriting, I enjoy writing puns and relating them to humorous situations. I hope you'll enjoy these cartoons available for sale on various merchandise. The soul benefits from laughter, so I'll do my best to bring a little more humor and light into the world. - Jim Piper

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Music Humor Cartoons

This cartoon features a musician literally streaming his music. He no longer sells very many CD's because everyone is streaming music now. The musician decides to try out streaming by tossing his CD's into the water! He's obviously very confused, and the fisherman has a very perplexed look on his face.

This cartoon features an excited Band Manager letting a musician know that he found a new female vocalist for the band. Instead, the Band Manager hands the musician a Set List singing the songs on its list! Yes, a list who is very vocal indeed. The Set List is belting out classic songs trying to impress in its audition. The musician is shocked and surprised by the Band Manager’s stupidity!